Our Mission is to Redefine the Car Buying Process


Here at Noble Auto Brokers, we offer a simple solution to car buying. Whether you are looking to purchase or lease new or pre-owned we can help. You let us know what you’re looking for in a vehicle and then we go to work. The average consumer will purchase a vehicle every 3 years, but the average car salesman will sell a vehicle every other day. We know that there are multiple dealer tactics and profit centers so allowing us to work for you puts you at a major advantage. The average person would consult a realtor when buying a home, so why not hire help when making what would be considered to some the second largest investment of a lifetime. From those who are looking to purchase their first vehicle to those who purchase frequently, we have a service for you.

Cedric’s Story

I have a firm belief in building trust through truth and transparency and one of the most common ideologies about car buying is that you can’t trust anyone trying to sell you a vehicle. I needed to create a space where customer expectations and visible results meet to provide a second to none car buying experience. Over the course of my career in the auto industry, one thing has remained constant, and that is that people have been conditioned to dread the car buying process and that stigma creates a barrier between customer and dealer relations. Realizing that this is an issue that has been around far too long Noble Auto Brokers was created to help navigate the traditional murky waters of the car buying process.

Jett’s Story

I have realized over the course of my career ranging from Salesman to different types of Management, too many people either (A) Absolutely hate buying a vehicle (B) Overpay when buying a vehicle because of high emotion or excitement, or (C) Inexperience in the field causes massive amounts of time to be wasted doing nearly endless amounts of research. So I wanted to give Consumers a way to fully access what Dealerships cannot give them, peace of mind knowing they got the Best Deal while sitting in the comfort of their own home or office in just a short amount of time. So we created Noble Auto Brokers.